About Monastery

Ewam Tashicholing Monastery

Guru Padmasambhava, revered as an assigned god for subduing any forms of lives of the decadent age, had converted places into no less than the palaces of peaceful and wrathful buddhas including Gangdra Ri-tsho by concealing treasures. This act not only helps in flourishing Buddhism in general but also Vajrayana Buddhism – which accelerates nirvana in this life time – in particular, that were blessed by Guru Rimpoche. One such place is the Orgyen Drag, in the vicinity of Paro Taktsang, which is revered as very sacred as  Gure Rinpoche was believed to have meditated there. At that precinct, there as many such sanctified places . as such, the Tashicholing monastery was also visited and blessed by the great saint.

Later on, Phajo Drugom Zhigpo not only established a seat there but it became a seat for spiritual maturity and liberation. This was followed by the visit of Choje Drukpa Kunley, who contributed in creating water (Drubchu) from the middle of the rockey cliff above the monastery when he shot as arrow. Similarly, medicinal water (menchu) was also created in the center of the lower part of the ground with another shot. These miraculous works are even seen today, where the Druchu is used for consumption purposes by the monks residing there and the Menchu is used daily by the public, which gained much popularity for curing diseases.

This divine place wasn’t spared when Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgayel meditated in the cave, just next to the right-hand side of the Tashicholing monastery. Therefore, the cave became popularly known as  Thuchen Phug and the imprint of his foot on the  boulder is seen even at the point of time.

However, after many years, since the old structure of Drubkhang  (meditation houses) were reduced to rubbles, Late Dasho Yonten and Late Asa Wangmo, the owner of the site had bestowed to their root teacher Terton Padgyal Lingpa in 1986. So then, he restored the monastery and having educated his pupils for a year, he handed over the charges to Tshampa Jamyang, to whome people had submitted their respects.

When Terton passed away, pupils and patrons constructed Kudung Chorten (memorial stupa) around the places , Tsampa Jamyang  and his patrons also constructed memorial stupa at Tashicholing monastery.

Thereafter, Khenpo Sonam Dorji along with fifty monks had run and maintained the monastery as per the wish of the great Terton to this time. Since the monastery was very old, in 2006 the monastery was renovated to this present structure and monks’ hostel was constructed. Today there are about 50 monks presently studying at the monastery and about 35 monks as on retreat around Bhutan for the wellbeing and all the sentient being in the world.